Frontiers in Physical Sciences Workshop
16 Oct 2019



​Imperial College Department of Physics 13th November 2019 (start 09:30 finish 18:00), Lecture Theatre 2 in the Blackett Building​


Invited talks (30 minutes):

Jon Marangos (Imperial, UK) - Opening Remarks

Shaul Mukamel (UC, Irvine, USA) – “X-ray multidimensional spectroscopy and diffraction”

Nina Rohringer (U. Hamburg, Germany) – “X-ray Raman & XFEL pumped lasers”

Joachim von Zanthier (Erlangen, Germany) - “Quantum imaging with incoherently scattered X-rays”

James Cryan (SLAC, USA) - “Attosecond science with X-ray FELs”

Rebecca Boll (EuroXFEL, Germany) – “Interactions of matter with intense X-ray pulses”

Tom Blackburn / Mattias Marklund (Chalmers, Sweden) - “Non-linear physics with X-rays”

Abbas Ourmazd (Michigan, USA) – "Dynamics from Random Observations"

Gianluca Gregori (Oxford, UK) – “QED with high intensity fields

Phil Bucksbaum (Stanford, USA) - “What can we learn from X-ray diffraction” 

Short contributed talks (10 minutes):​

Jason Greenwood (QUB, Belfast) “Using chiral light pulses to probe ultrafast molecular dynamics"

Adam Kirrander (Edinburgh) “Ultrafast scattering – beyond structural dynamics"

Leszek Frasinski (Imperial) Covariance mapping of molecular fragmentation"

Simon Hooker, “Synergies with UK plasma wakefield research"

Bernhard Hidding "Synergies with the STFC PWFA-FEL programme"

Emma Springate (CLF, Harwell) “HHG SXR applications"

Stuart Mangles (Imperial, London) “Some thoughts on XFELS and high energy density physics"

Marcus Scheck (UWS) “Selected aspects of nuclear photonics"

Marco Ruberti (Imperial, London) “Coherence in photoionisation"

Amelle Zair (Kings, London) “HHG attosecond sources “

Premysl Kolorenc (Prague) Attosecond pump - attosecond probe spectroscopy of Auger decay"

You can find more project information at:

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)