UK Hub for the Physical Sciences on XFELs – PhD funding opportunity
27 Nov 2019







Since July the UK Hub for the Physical Sciences on XFELs has made support available to the UK Physical Sciences academic community wishing to use XFEL facilities worldwide. So far this has primarily been in the form of the travel and subsistence to allow users to attend experiments at XFEL facilities or attend workshops and user meetings. Over the last few months, discussions with current (and potential) XFEL users has highlighted the community need for dedicated PhD studentships in order to successfully prepare for, and perform, experiments on XFEL facilities.

I am pleased to announce that there is now an opportunity to provide additional support in the form of co-funded PhD studentships for projects directly involving XFEL-based science. A limited number of 4 year PhD studentships would be available with 50% funding via the XFEL Physical Sciences Hub with the host University providing matched funding.  Funding for these PhD projects would have to commence in this Financial Year (FY 19/20).

If you, or a colleague in your field, are interested in applying for funding then please contact James Green ( with a short abstract on the proposed PhD project by 6th December.

For more information on the XFEL Physical Sciences Hub please see here

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)