Matter at Extreme Conditions Workshop
16 Oct 2019



A workshop on Matter at Extreme Conditions was held at the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions at the University of Edinburgh on 2nd October 2019




​The aims of the workshop are to investigate what new science opportunities would be created by a UK XFEL, and how the UK's current laser infrastructure might evolve along side such a machine. 

A list of speakers can be found below. Links to their presentations will be added when available:​

“Introduction to the 2019/20 Science Case Project” (Jon Marangos, Imperial)

"Opportunities for High Energy Density Science" (Justin Wark, Oxford)

"Some Initial Experiments on Shocks; Transformation, Textures and Strains​" (David Dye, Imperial)

"XFEL related physics at the Centre for Plasma Physics in QUB" (Dave Riley, Belfast)

"Frontiers of Dynamic Compression" (Andrew Higginbotham, York)

"High-Energy Density Laser-Plasma Research at Strathclyde"​ (Paul McKenna, Strathclyde)

"Applications of XFELs for the AWE HEDP Community" (Colin Brown, AWE)

"Opportunities for Static Compression Research at XFELs" (Stewart McWilliams, Edinburgh)​

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)