Workshop on Quantum Materials & Nanotechnology
16 Oct 2019



University of Southampton, 27th November 2019 (Start 09:30, finish 16:00), The Garden Court, Highfield Campus


​Invited talks (30 minutes) will include:

  • Michael Först (Max Planck Institute for Structural Dynamics): “Light induced superconductivity"
  • Simon Wall (ICFO): “Disorder in the insulator-metal phase transition in VO2"
  • Mark P. M. Dean / Ian K. Robinson​​ (Broo​khaven National Labs):  “Time, momentum and energy-resolved measurements of transient magnetism in quantum materials”​

  • Kai Rossnagel (University of Kiel, DESY): “FEL spectroscopy of quantum materials"
  • Keith Nelson (MIT): “Quantum ferroelectricity"
  • Stefano Bonetti (University of Stockholm/University of Venice): “Imaging nanoscale magnetic dynamics"

Short contributed talks (10 minutes) will include:

  • Paolo Radaelli (Oxford): “Probing light-induced magnetism in the ultra-fast regime"
  • Roy Chantrell (York): “Atomistic models of ultrafast spin dynamics"
  • Bill Brockelsby (Southampton): “Coherent imaging of biological samples with a femtosecond laser-driven XUV source"
  • Stephen Hayden (Bristol)​: RIXS​ Studies of Charge and Spin Correlations in Cuprate Superconductors​"

  • Sarnjeet Dhesi (Diamond): “Tracking metallic droplets in V2O3"
  • Dave Keen (ISIS/Oxford): “Opportunities for pair distribution function measurements at XFELs"
  • Charlotte Sanders (CLF): “FEL-based Photoemission for Studies of Dynamics at Surfaces"

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​You can find more information on the revised Science Case for a UK XFEL at the following address:​

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)