CLF Experimental Support during Vulcan Shutdown Period
20 Sep 2023



Support call is closed.  Guidance on applying for experimental diagnostics, targetry and T&S support during the Vulcan upgrade shutdown period





The following gives guidance for the services and support provided by the CLF for campaigns carried out on external facilities during the period that Vulcan is offline. We intend to issue a call for support every 4 months to cover some or all of:

  • Targetry
  • Travel and subsistence costs
  • Diagnostics loan

Wherever possible you should aim to submit your application for targetry support at least 6 months prior to your scheduled experiment date. Support for diagnostics (if available) and T&S can possibly be dealt with on shorter timescales. Please note, currently engineering support and related costs will not be covered by the CLF.

It is the intention that support for experiments related to Vulcan science will be prioritised, however this does not preclude support in other areas of the program. Each request will be internally assessed with the intention that different institutes are given equal support.

In the case of targetry, this will require an additional assessment for technical feasibility and in the case of diagnostic loan please contact the ESG rep to ensure that the diagnostic is available. It is therefore essential that you discuss your needs with facility representatives prior to submitting your proposal for support - contacts at the bottom of this page​.

It should be noted that the provision of targetry and diagnostics may require CLF staff to liaise directly with facility staff where your experiment is to take place. Presence at, and continued involvement in the experimental planning processes should be expected, the level of which will be linked to the complexity of the CLF’s provision for the experiment.

The CLF will also continue to support the community through our training weeks and the TAO course and we continue to support student projects and placements to the best of our ability. We are also investigating additional training opportunities through partnering with some of our UK institutions and more information on these will be distributed in the near future.

It should be noted that target manufacture is still commercially available through Scitech Precision Ltd.​ and the calls for support will have no impact on those commercial routes.

Funding level

Funding levels are equivalent to that of existing Vulcan experiments (​​)​ and the CLF could support multiple experiments in parallel, though targetry support will be highly dependent upon the level and complexity requested.

Instructions for submitting proposals

Experiment support requests should be submitted electronically at:​

If you are not an exisiting STFC user then you will need to create a facility user account​, using your e-mail address as the Login Identifier​, to access the proposal submission system. It is important that you provide full and accurate address details to facilitate future communications with yourself and your co-investigators. If you have already registered then please check and update your information as necessary.

On the proposal dashboard you enter the proposal system by clicking "Apply" on the Vulcan Shutdown Support access tile.  This will direct you to the proposal system and you can create your proposal by selecting "Vulcan Shutdown Support". Follow the on-line instructions, uploading your proposal to the external facility (if submitted) or a 1 page summary.  Further guidance on using the system can be found here.

For targetry and diagnostic support requests we require the completion of the technical pack document:​

CLF Technical Pack - D​iagnostic Loan and Targetry Request Form

This is to provide the facility with sufficient detail to assess the requirements and balance requests. This should be submitted to the website alongside your science case.

Eligibility criteria

To request CLF support you must be a permanent member of staff or a Post-doctoral researcher at a UK academic institution and a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator (Co-I) on the proposed experiment. The request for support must always come from the UK participant.

Only team members based at a UK academic institution are eligible for travel and subsistence support. Where the request for support is across a UK collaboration, only one request should be submitted on behalf of the experiment.




For further information

Technical submission system queries / issues

General submission queries

High Power Lasers Access Panel Coordinator

Contact: Clarke, Rob (STFC,RAL,CLF)