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05 Oct 2021







​Users must register in advance with the User Office each time they are scheduled to begin a session of work at the CLF. People will not be allowed on campus who are not properly registered with the User Office before arrival. At the start of each experiment you will be taken through any changes since your last visit and provided with a safety orientation, identifying key safety systems, fire exits, emergency stops etc – all of which are contained within the local safety card for the area in which you will be working.

Users may not work in any area until they have received proper authorisation from the CLF. Discuss your experimental plans with your link scientists in advance, so that they can arrange for the necessary authorisations and explain the procedures for safe working in the areas where you will be.

If you know of any hazards associated with your work, bring these to the attention of the facility as early as possible. If hazards are discovered during the course of your experiment, you must stop working and discuss them with the link scientists before you continue.

Your link scientist must be notified in advance of any equipment or materials you wish to bring to RAL for your experiment.

If inexperienced or personnel under the age of 18 will be working on your experiment, notify your link scientists in advance. In some cases, additional paperwork or training might be necessary.

If you have a health problem that could affect your work or cause a hazard to yourself or others, please raise this with your link scientists or local group leader in advance of your beamtime. They will put you in touch with relevant personnel to discuss the potential impact. Health matters will be treated with the upmost confidentiality, but might affect the types of work for which you can be authorised.

In case of injury, illness, exposure to a toxic substance, etc., contact a CLF staff member for assistance. For urgent cases, immediately call 2222 from a campus phone, or +44 1235 778888 from a mobile phone.

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Contact: Clarke, Rob (STFC,RAL,CLF)