Safety information for CLF users, and safety tests
07 Oct 2021







Welcome to the CLF web safety system. This system provides the relevant documentation for all visiting scientists to read prior to arrival for experiments in the CLF.

The following pages link to the relevant safety sections along with on-line tests . These tests must be successfully completed before joining active experiments. They can be taken multiple times and no time limits are in place. Tests are valid for 2 years after completion. 

Please read the relevant safety paperwork before taking the associated tests. The CLF Safety package has information on Staff Responsibilities, Area Managers etc.

The following sections must be completed:​

We require all people working in our laser laboratories to have watched the laser safety video. Several versions exist which can be viewed on site. Required modules are:

  • Laser controlled areas
  • Laser eyewear and filters
  • Laser classifications

Contact: Clarke, Rob (STFC,RAL,CLF)