Opening Ceremony for the CLF’s New Engineering & Technology Centre
16 May 2023
- Helen Towrie



15th May 2023, marks the official Opening Ceremony for the CLF’s brand-new building, the Engineering & Technology Centre (ETC).

ETC building



ETC building - a modern looking square building with gradiented black to white panelling.

The ETC is a building designed specifically for CLF engineering and technical work, which is a huge part of who makes up the CLF’s cohort.

After years of expansion into separate parts of campus, both our electrical and mechanical engineering departments will now share one roof, inviting better communication, collaboration and expansion of the workforce. The building also houses many state-of-the-art machines, which will aid greatly in catering to our ever-expanding laser labs.
John Collier, Director of the CLF, said in his speech, “It is fantastic to have this new building to house what is now the CLF’s biggest division.”
The attendees raise a glass in a toast to the opening ceremony.
Coming to celebrate, the building’s spacious workshop was filled with engineers, technicians, scientists, estates staff and cleaners – all of whom have  helped make the ETC happen.
Hosting the event was Director of National Labs, Neil Geddes, who gave a toast sharing his excitement on seeing what the CLF will be able to achieve with this new space.
 Neil Geddes cuts a red ribbon.

The ETC building will make experiments at our new laser facility, the Extreme Photonics Applications Centre (EPAC), more efficient​, as well as the future construction of HiLUX, a merge and upgrade of Ultra and Artemis lasers.

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)