Time resolved IR abs​orption spectroscopy
03 Feb 2010



Linear and Non-Linear IR Spectroscopy


The stable, femtosecond mid-IR probe beams are used to measure small changes (ΔA ca 10-6) in sample absorption following photo-excitation of electronic or vibrational transitions in molecules.

Ultra has three TRIR platforms with TRMPS (Time resolved multiple probe spectroscopy) capability that enables dynamic measurements covering 10 orders of magnitude in time from 100 fs to ms.  

  1. 50 fs, 10 kHz pump-probe.  2x128 element MCT array spectrometers to capture spectra over 500 cm-1 in one laser shot.
  2. 200 fs, 100 kHz pump-probe, three OPAs for two probe spectral regions and an independently tunable pump.  2x128 element MCT array spectrometers.  With TRMPS capability
  3. 50 fs, 10 kHz pump-probe (UV/Vis or IR pump, 2D-IR probe).  2x128 element MCT array spectrometers.  With TRMPS capability

Time-resolved infrared spectrum of phenylbenzophenone triplet state formation in CD3OD solvent.  Positive peaks are transient species formed on excitation to the triplet-state.  Negative peaks are the bleaches of the ground state infrared spectrum upon excitation.

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Contact: Greetham, Greg (STFC,RAL,CLF)