Pump laser for OPCPA
30 Nov 2017







The next generation of ultra-high intensity laser facilities, such as ELI-Beamlines operating at petawatt (PW) levels (with fs pulse widths) will require high energy nanosecond (ns) pump lasers operating in the green at wavelengths near 500 nm, coinciding with the peak in the absorption spectrum of Ti:sapphire, or suitable for pumping optical parametric chirped pulse amplification​ (OPCPA) nonlinear crystals.​

The development and successful operation of the DiPOLE laser have paved a way for the development of such multi-Hz PW lasers. The frequency doubling experiments of DiPOLE laser with efficiency of 80% has confirmed its suitability for pumping OPCPA or Ti:Sapphire amplifier systems. ​​


Contact: Smith, Jodie (STFC,RAL,CLF)