New Scitech Precision Micromachining Lab Opens
29 Nov 2021
- Mathew Sims



John Collier (Director of the CLF) and Elizabeth Kirby (Director of BID) opened the new Scitech Precision laser micromachining laboratories on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

John Collier and Elizabeth Kirby cut the ribbon



​Scitech Precision Limited is a spin-off company born out of the CLF's Target Fabrication group, in partnership with BID, which works to commercially produce laser microtargets for use in external laser facilities and provides a microfabrication service across many sectors, including a laser micromachining service.

​Originally based in R12 they relocated to custom build facility in R1 during the pandemic which was a challenging time to move and commission a set of complex laser systems. However, working closely with BID and the CLF this was achieved with limited downtime.

The new laboratories allow Scitech to expand the offering in its precision bespoke laser machining service, supporting business across the Harwell Campus and to the wider scientific community. As well as providing facilities for laser micromachining of targets there is also a new development lab that is exploiting new disruptive technologies for high repetition rate target fabrication.

scitech 5.jpg

[Image: A demonstration of the talent of Scitech, Target Fabrication and Micromachining - a metal butterfly the size of the head of a pin. The individual pieces were cut by micromachining and hand slotted together by a target maker. No glue was used.​]

​Find out more about Scitech Precisio​n here.

Contact: Sims, Mathew (STFC,RAL,SC)