Site safety
07 Jan 2010



General Information Relating to Site Safety


Important Do's:

  • Stop and think about the hazards associated with the work you undertake – mentally assess the risks and if significant undertake a documented Risk Assessment
  • Obey all safety signs
  • Wear required Personal Protective clothing or Equipment (PPE)
  • Observe the Highway Code on site and off
  • Keep below the site speed limit of 20 mph
  • Only park in designated parking areas
  • Know the escape routes and assembly areas for your location
  • If entering an area with a specific hazard ensure that you know any special precautions that must be taken
  • Dispose of any items in an appropriate safe manner
  • Follow any instructions issued for safety reasons
  • Report accidents, near misses, dangerous situations, environmental incidents and shortcomings in the Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) arrangements
  • Remove PPE before exiting controlled laboratories

Important Don'ts

  • Eat or drink in work areas where there may be contamination present which could be ingested thereby leading to serious problems/sickness e.g. chemical, radiation, biological etc.
  • Enter a controlled area without permission
  • Misuse or abuse items provided for safety reasons
  • Modify, in any way, interlock or control systems unless authorised to do so



Contact: Clarke, Rob (STFC,RAL,CLF)