Submit a proposal
05 Dec 2016



Instructions on submitting proposals




​To submit a proposal to the Central Laser facility, please use the STFC proposal site​​​.

For general enquiries about proposals, contact the CLF User Office.

For technical support with the online proposal site, contact Facilties Business Systems

Laserlab access

If you are applying for access funded by Laserlab Europe​, you will also need to submit your proposal through the Laserlab online proposal system at​​. ​

​Publication of proposal summary information​

Titles and abstracts of accepted proposals will soon be visible online

In line with other research councils who make available summary information on funded research, the CLF will make publicly available summary information from proposals awarded beamtime.  Information will be published via the Research Councils ‘Gateway to Research’ site and on this website. We will make it clear within the CLF proposal system which information will be made public.

From April 2017, we intend to publish the title and abstract of accepted proposals by hyperlinking the experiment schedules.​

Contact: CLF User Office