EPAC Pump Laser
09 May 2022


The pump laser for the Extreme Photonics Applications Centre PW amplifier.





Figure 1 - CAD model for the EPAC Pump laser lab.

The EPAC Pump laser, shown in Figure 1, is currently under development and is d​ue to be commissioned and operational by the summer of 2023. It is based on the D100X design with several changes to make it more suited for pumping the Titanium Sapphire (Ti:S) gain media, which requires 90 J in 15 ns pulses at 515 nm wavelength. These changes include:

  • ​Frequency doubling of output beam: Ti:S gain media requires the pump laser to have a wavelength of 515 nm, which is achieved by second harmonic generation of the 1030 nm output beam.
  • ​Second 100 J amplifier: ​Although in its first phase it will have a single 100J-level amplifier, the design allows for a second 100J-level amplifier to be added to pump the EPAC amplifier (Figure 2) with 2 beams simultaneously at lower energy each, to increase the lifetime of optics.


Figure 2 - Major sections of the EPAC Pump laser.

Expected Parameters list:

Pulse energy (at 1030 nm)  120 J 

Pulse energy (at 515 nm)    90 J   ​​

Pulse duration   1-15 ns

Repetition rate     10 Hz

Output beam size   75x75 mm

Contact: Wojtusiak, Agnes (STFC,RAL,CLF)