UK XFEL Scientific Case - 2019-2020 User Consultation Exercise
29 Jul 2019



As part of the revised UK Science Case for a UK XFEL a number of community consultation exercises took place during 2019-2020




​STFC hosted a series of live, discipline specific Webinars between July and mid-September 2020, where relevant members of the Science Team presented the key scientific, industrial and innovation opportunities. They were 90 mins long (45 min presentation; 45 min Q&A), and recordings are available through the following links: ​


SubjectDateTimeLive Webinar Link / Recording
Science Case Overview23 July
2 pmRecording available here
Life Sciences28 July
2 pm

Recording available here

Chemical and Material Sciences30 July2 pm
​Recording available here​
Physical and Extreme Conditions5 August
2 pm
Recording available here

Webinar Talks:

The process formally kicked off with a Town Meeting at the Royal Society on July 16th 2019. Details of this event can be found here - Town Meeting at the Royal Society - July 16th 2019

2019 Community Survey

Thank you to all those that participated in the XFEL Community Survey via​ Survey Monkey. The Survey is now closed, but if you still have any questions / contributions regarding the UK XFEL Science Case then please email:

​User workshops

In the last quarter of 2019 a number of themed Scientific and Technical Workshops took place around the country in order to feed into the revised science case. Dates and locations are listed below.

Oct 2nd     Matter at Extreme Conditions (Edinburgh)​

Nov 5th     Dynamic Structural Biology (Crick)

Nov 13th   Frontiers in Physical Sciences (Imperial)

Nov 27th   Quantum Materials & Nanotechnology (Southampton)​

Dec 4th     Applied and Industrial Research with XFELS (Warwick)

Dec 11th    Chemical Dynamics & Energy (Newcastle)

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)